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"We Keep the World ROLLING"

P.E. Del Mar is your one stop source for sliding door patio hardware, sliding glass door rollers, sliding door patio rollers, window and door hardware, sliding patio door hardware.

“We Keep the World Rolling” is more than just a catchy slogan for our company. For over 60 years, P.E. Del Mar has been a leading manufacturer of wheel assemblies to the Window, Door and Marine industries as well as other industrial applications where high quality wheels are required.

P.E. Del Mar offers hundreds of different types of patio door rollers, window rollers, and shower door rollers. We have a broad range of products, whether it is single or tandem wheel rollers made of stainless steel, cold rolled steel, brass, or nylon. P.E. has expanded its product line to include handles and flush mount patio door pulls in most popular finishes.

You can also count on us to provide you with value-added services such as design and engineering of wheel assemblies for the next generation of windows and doors.

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Precision Plus+™ Wheels


Why are they superior to standard commercial wheels?

The wheels installed in sliding glass window and door roller assemblies are the most important components to insure long term performance. For this reason P.E. Del Mar manufactures its Roller Assemblies using Precision Plus+™ Wheels in 1 1/4”, 1 1/2 “and 1 11/16” diameter sizes and offered in Steel, Stainless Steel, as well as Outer Races with Injection Molded tires with glass fiber reinforced polymer Nylon66.

A key difference is our wheel’s construction which includes industrial precision ball bearings. These bearings provide incomparable quiet and smooth rolling operations without sacrificing essential load support.

Our wheels are designed to provide easy movement and optimal support for sliding door panels. P.E. has performed the required testing procedures specified under AAMA 906-15 guidelines for life cycles. Our wheels must reach 20,000 full-open/full-close life cycles without the roller “jumping” its track or the door sash becoming more difficult to operate.

For technical specifications of our Precision Plus+™ Wheels, please click here.


Stamped from #18 or #19 gauge steel and zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

P.E. is proud that many of its wheel assemblies are made in The United States. Local production helps to maintain consistent quality and shorten lead times on orders. It also allows us to supply our customers with both their small and large quantity requirements.

In response to customer demand, PE Del Mar has developed many new items including popular roller assemblies and other hardware used in the Fenestration Industry. All of the new roller assemblies are tested to insure they meet or exceed the AAMA standards.

Our pricing on these new products are very competitive and we would be pleased to provide you with quotes based on quantity breakdowns. We would be happy to provide product samples to insure you are completely satisfied with the design and quality of our items.

Take a look at the list of new and featured items we stock and contact us for your personalized quote.