Precision Plus+ Wheels and Bearings

Precision Plus+™ Wheels

Precision Plus+™ Wheels

Why are they superior to standard commercial wheels?

The wheels installed in sliding glass window and door roller assemblies are the most important components to insure long term performance. For this reason P.E. Del Mar manufactures its Roller Assemblies using Precision Plus+™ Wheels in 1-1/4”, 1-1/2 “and 1-11/16” diameter sizes and offered in Steel, Stainless Steel, as well as Outer Races with Injection Molded tires with glass fiber reinforced polymer Nylon66.

A key difference is our wheel’s construction includes industrial precision ball bearings. These bearings provide incomparable quiet and smooth rolling operations without sacrificing essential load support.

Our wheels are designed to provide easy movement and optimal support for sliding door panels. P.E. Del Mar has performed the required testing procedures specified under AAMA 906-15 guidelines for life cycles. Our wheels must reach 20,000 full-open/full-close life cycles without the roller “jumping” its track or the door sash becoming more difficult to operate.